Am I worth knowing?
That, of course, depends on your interests. This page is mainly an anarchist’s view on the Nanny-State that is Denmark. If you’re not into that you might be disappointed. We both know what you’ve been looking for, if you’re not here for the anarchism…

On a day to day basis I live in the “Dreamworld” of most politicians. A place where every little action is governed in one way or another by the state, yet we – the danes – claim to be free. We’re not and while I am working towards ending the Nanny-State in Denmark I am fully aware it might be a very long-term goal – one that is hardly coming to fruition in my lifetime – or even a lost cause. Be that as it may it is my cause and I write because I can’t not write.

Luckily I am not alone in this endevour. On these pages you will find not only reports about the insanity that is the Nanny-State – or wet dream of any politician – but also the story about me and a group of likeminded people, who strive towards a better life.

Some insist that I am a libertarian, but I don’t believe so myself. I am, for a lack of a better term, and Anarchist. I am me, I represent only myself and I write for my own sake. I do not wish to impose my views on you or insert them into your life – and I hope you can say the same about your views?